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Bring calm and peace to your home and feel energized by doing two simple things. Learn how Feng Shui impacts your life.

Make Feng Shui work for you

When you look at the above photo, do you feel a calm energy washing over you? Did you involuntarily relax and exhale a little. Did you mentally take a micro-rest and project yourself in the scene? Stop for a moment and marvel at how a photo can impact your feelings and emotions. Now consider what your actual surroundings may be doing to impact your sense of calm and peace.

Feng Shui is a philosophy of how physical surroundings influence our emotions and everyday life.

Beauty and harmony uplift our spirits, feelings, outlook and beliefs. Disorder, lack of cleanliness and chronic clutter derail calm and peace. Feng Shui teaches us to see our surroundings from a new perspective. It also gives us a road map on how to proceed when everything around us feels out of kilter.

Some people are naturally in tune with themselves and their environment.

These lucky souls effortlessly align themselves with Feng Shui practices without ever knowing it. But the rest of us benefit from tapping into the philosophy of ancient scholars. These ancients were masters of psychology, statistics and mathematics, geology and more. This is the reason Feng Shui has held up for thousands of years.,

Pay attention to what’s not there

In the photo, the calm energy you feel comes in large part from the artful arrangement of objects: the choice of materials, textures, color and lighting. All play a critical role and are a part of Feng Shui.

Yet no amount of artful composition can generate a feeling of calm until the space is clean and clutter-free. Dirt and clutter are clearly not part of the photo.

Feng Shui demands you clean and declutter first

Start small to get energized

The act of decluttering cleanses your mind as well as physical space. Decluttering opens the flow of positive energy to you. You can literally feel the uplift as you work. The space itself seems to relax around you.

The more clutter you recycle, gift, donate, sell or trash, the more calm and peace you’ll generate.

Clients repeatedly tell me, “It’s amazing, I feel as if can breathe again! I feel so light.”  Many said they never knew how seriously clutter had drained their energy until the clutter was gone.

Pick one thing you can finish in a short period

Declutter a single shelf, for example. Once you’ve removed the excess, polish the shelf and the keepers before you put them back. Chances are you’ll feel like tackling additional shelves because cleaning and decluttering rewards you with happy brain endorphins.

Another quick area to target could be shampoo bottles, cosmetic jars and soap dishes in your bathroom. Toss anything that hasn’t been used in forever (near-empty bottles of sticky lotion, thick nail polish, dried soap bars).

Soak off soap scum, remove gunk under bottle caps, wipe off drips and drabs. These are small things to do, but sparkling bottles, jars and soap dishes can instantly elevate your spirits. Your bath may even begin to feel like a spa.

Julie Britt

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