Feng Shui your front door and entrance

Use Feng Shui to bring positive energy to your front door

Your front door is the gateway for positive energy (chi) to enter your home. And the path leading chi from the street or driveway to your door plays a significant role.

What we call chi, realtors call curb appeal. Good curb appeal attracts buyers, enhances neighborhood values, and accrues positive feelings towards the home's occupants. Bad curb appeal has the opposite effect.

NOTE: In Western Feng Shui, the front door opens into one of three life areas: wisdom, career, or helpful friends. Notice how that area of your life resembles your entrance in some way. Are things going well, are you running into snags, are efforts falling apart? Symbolism and metaphor play a big part in the art of Feng Shui.

Create a wide entrance

1. Make your entrance wide and welcoming

Wide porches, stairs and aprons feel open, warm and welcoming. As part of the Earth Element's motif, they give a calm and confident energy to your home.

Use stone or concrete blocks, bricks or paver stones to extend a skimpy porch into the yard and eliminate L-shaped sidewalks to the driveway. You'll feel the energy perk up when you add a landing apron.

Here's a checklist for your entrance.

  • Make stairs and steps between 4-6 feet wide
  • Create a portico to provide shelter and protect visitors from the elements if your porch is uncovered
  • Assure that columns appear strong and substantial
House with curved walkway

2. Create a curving path to resemble a creek or a river

You want chi to flow easily into your home, not rush in too forcefully from curb to door (straight path), or get slowed by making abrupt turns and right angles.

Just as water flows effortlessly when unimpeded by right angles, chi flows effortlessly when moving through curves.

Here's a checklist for the path to your door.

  • Repair uneven or broken concrete.
  • Edge grass neatly along walkways.
  • Make sure plants aren't crowding the path and beds are weeded.

3. Clean the porch and pathways to eliminate negative energy

Your front door should be the focal point of your home since it's the source of fresh chi.

Everything that leads to your door should be harmonious and well cared for. Allow only healthy potted plants to grace your steps or porch. A bench or chair near the entrance lends warm and friendly chi to the area.

NOTE: There is no one best color for front doors since the right color depends on a variety of factors to be covered another time. The red door featured right works especially well with white trim and blue-gray siding.

Here's a checklist for your porch

  • Sweep the porch and remove cobwebs and dirt from corners
  • Touch up or repaint as needed
  • Oil door hinges and polish hardware
  • Clean the porch light, window glass and transom windows.
  • Invest in a powerwash if your home has turned gray and dingy
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