How I got rid of 15# of stored clutter in less than a minute

#15 Clutter

Above is a 15-lb bag of old CDs and DVDs that friends and family had burned for me many years ago. Why was I storing them?

I'd already tossed a broken CD player so the CDs were useless. Nevertheless, I'd stored them in this bag because the sweet and guilty feelings they evoked stopped me from taking action.

We often feel bound to keep items that remind us we were loved. And mementos are a lovely thing. But when we store boxes, bags, shelves and roomsful of mementos after their time has passed, we may be stuck in the past.

Living emotionally in the past blocks energy that would go toward living vibrantly in the present.

Honor your memories by keeping a few loving reminders in a treasure box or a treasure chest. Give them a purpose and a home. Enjoy sorting through mementos on rainy days or whenever you need a lift.

Here's a video of me letting go of my CDs. I laugh to see the transformation clearly captured on my face I've seen on so many other's faces.

PS: To my surprise, I often think of that bag of CDs now, but not with sadness or regret. I remember my loving friends and only the sweetness remains.

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If you were able to release emotional clutter you'd been holding onto, I'd love to hear your story.

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