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Feng Shui is based on the premise that everything in the Universe, both material and living, are connected by an energy force called chí. 

Accordingly, our personal energy (thoughts and feelings) are symbolized as material objects in our surroundings. No one has a home that looks like yours.  Even if they live on the same floor plan, own the same furniture or paint walls the same colors, you will never mistake their home for yours. Everything in your home, for better or worse, expresses everything about you. 

When you’re ready for change, you can use your surroundings to change your thoughts and your life. When you balance and harmonize your surroundings using Feng Shui principles, your thoughts and feelings automatically become more balanced, peaceful and harmonious. The results that follow seem almost magical.

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feng shui facts

No, Feng Shui is more like an ancient behavioral science that easily integrates with religious and spiritual practices. The power of intention, alignment with your Higher Power or God, and prayer work well when added to Feng Shui practices.

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We see three types of clutter that clients want to eliminate or manage:

  1. Everyday clutter, the type that’s annoying but fairly easy to resolve (such as a mess you can hide quickly if company’s coming)
  2. Persistent clutter, the type that resists long-term solutions and causes you to feel guilty or stressed. Persistent clutter may fill an entire room, a closet, countertops, desks or dining-room tables, for example
  3. Entrenched clutter, such as packed garages, carports, and attics. These areas often require additional outside assistance to resolve once you’re ready to take action. 
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