Julie Britt, Lifestyle & Feng Shui Consultant

My mission is to help homeowners and small businesses thrive by making changes to their environment 

My well-being has always depended on living in a nice environment, but I never knew what secrets lay behind the decorating choices I made. Or how much they contributed to my life being chaotic or calm.

Fortunately, chance led me to a Feng Shui class in the 1990s, and learning Western Feng Shui was life-changing. I finally created long-term harmony, peace and calm for myself and found stability and contentment. Sharing this knowledge with others is my life purpose.

Feng Shui is different from readings and advisory disciplines

Some disciplines like astrology or Tarot offer readings. Feng Shui offers a system of actions designed to balance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. "Move this, paint that, change metal chairs for wood" may sound arcane, but they're metaphors for problem-solving and they work. When your home is balanced, you feel energy and upliftment. It happens EVERY time I do a consultation and marks the beginning of positive life change.

Note: belief is not required for Feng Shui to work

Believing in Feng Shui is like believing in gravity. Belief is irrelevant. Feng Shui defines how the Universe works on a subconscious level, while science defines how the Universe works on a molecular level. Both are part of the natural order.

Julie Britt is located in Houston, Texas, as a Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Life Coach specializing in downsizing and decluttering issues (the first principles of Feng Shui).

She has more than 20 years experience practicing, teaching and consulting on Feng Shui,