Feng Shui tips on using yellow

Design by Maria Killam, MariaKillam.com

Use yellow wisely in Feng Shui

Yellow was the focus of our March 2022 class (How to use Yellow in your surroundings, PDF slide deck here) and below are some highlights if you missed it.

  • Pure Yellow represents Soft Metal Element, which rules the Children & Creativity gua
    • Pure yellow is the most reflective and visible color on the spectrum
  • Use pure yellow as a highlight for best results
    • Pure yellows ramp up the nervous system. They cheer you up at first but then can make you restless and frustrated if overused
    • Babies are said to cry more in bright yellow rooms
    • Adults get irritable and crabby in rooms with too much yellow and tend to bicker more
  • Use a pale, creamy "dirty" yellow for wall colors (dirty yellows fall under Earth Element)

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