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Three ways to Feng Shui your home office for success

How you set up and furnish your home office can promote or hinder your success. Below are three ways you can improve the look and feel of your home office and reap the rewards.

If you’re new to working from home, these ideas will give you a more comfortable transition from a corporate-office or workstation setting to a productive home-office setting.

1. Position your desk to face the door

The most favorable position for your desk is facing the door but offset to entering traffic. That is, avoid sitting directly in front of the door.

The least favorable desk position is where you’re facing a wall with your back directly in line with the door. Your primitive brain stays restless and on guard when you can’t see what’s happening behind you. This restlessness is true even if you live alone and expect no one to sneak up behind you.

Here’s how to overcome your unconscious vigilance and allow your brain to relax. Affix a small convex mirror (from the auto-parts store) somewhere on your monitor so you can see what’s going on behind you.

2 Activate your home-office prosperity area

Your office has a mini-prosperity area in addition to your home’s larger prosperity area. Stand in the office doorway and point to the back left corner to identify the space. The Wood Element fosters prosperity and abundance in your life and plants are the most powerful Wood Element to use.

Plants communicate with you to attract more growth and prosperity. It’s important to keep plants healthy since you want their vibrancy reflected back to you. (Check out Houseplants, Health and Prosperity here.)

What if the home office prosperity area is bad for plants? Don’t worry. Add a healthy plant where you can appreciate it to support the Wood Element. If you have trouble keeping plants healthy, rotate vigorous plants in and out of the space. Or keep cut flowers on your desk or where you can see them.

Realistic-looking silk-plants or trees are also permissible, but their energy is less than that of live plants.

3. Energize your space by decluttering floors and surfaces

Uncluttered surroundings allows chi to glide over surfaces, and move effortlessly around furnishings. Chi simultaneously flows through your system and you experience the flow physically, mentally and emotionally. You can literally feel chi’s presence if you stop to notice.

Papers piled on desks and tables, tossed on floors, and stashed under tables or stuffed on shelves hinders the flow of chi. When the clutter goes, you can feel space open up in your thoughts and feelings. Often you physically feel better and think more clearly.

Clutter is ANYTHING that aggravates, nags, stops or prevents you from moving seamlessly through your day. Clutter snags your attention and fills your life with micro-irritations. You lose valuable time searching for papers, pens, supplies and probably you’re keys and your phone.

Here’s the exception to the rule: if your desk appears cluttered but you know exactly where everything is, the definition of clutter (above) doesn’t apply.

Otherwise, clutter hacks your productivity and peace of mind with a thousand little micro-cuts.

What other Feng Shui options can you take to improve your home office and increase business?

Feng Shui is a comprehensive philosophy that can fine-tune your office (or any room) to support your personal objectives. Together we can look at your office and I’ll show you how to move decorative pieces to better areas, suggest colors, and more.

If clearing clutter is a block you can’t overcome, consider working with me for a few hands-on sessions. I’ll get you past the emotional or mental sticking points and help you organize what stays and toss what needs to go. We’ll do it together and you’ll succeed from the start.

The best way to begin is by knowing what you’d like to accomplish at a deeper level. Here’s a worksheet with three questions to help you organize your thoughts.

If you’d like to see if working with me for a session or two is something you’d like to explore, book a free 20-minute strategy call now. There’s no obligation and I think you’ll enjoy the process.

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Julie Britt