5 Feng Shui tips to clear negative energy

By Julie Britt / March 26, 2020 /

In Feng Shui, negative energy attaches to anything that drains your mental, emotional or physical energy. Clutter as well as dirt, dust and grime are primary examples. Few people feel joyous or content living in dingy, cluttered surroundings. And often their health suffers.

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home is a feeling

Home is a feeling: let it be calm and peaceful

By Julie Britt / October 31, 2019 /

Bring calm and peace to your home and feel energized by doing two simple things. Learn how Feng Shui impacts your life. Make Feng Shui work for you When you look at the above photo, do you feel a calm energy washing over you? Did you involuntarily relax and exhale a little. Did you mentally take a…

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feng shui cleaning in home

The Feng Shui of Cleaning

By Julie Britt / July 5, 2019 /

A cluttered space is not easy to clean – and sometimes it’s near impossible. In Feng Shui, decluttering ranks first among equals alongside its partner cleaning. Both are required in Feng Shui to balance, energize and harmonize our lives. Unfortunately, few of us enjoy doing maintenance. The never-ending question becomes: how can we get through these…

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