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What is the best way to clear negative energy from your home with Feng Shui?

The best way to clear negative energy from your home is to eliminate its two main sources: dirt and clutter. After cleaning and decluttering, perform a simple house blessing to complete the process.

Here are the 5 steps:

  1. Clean the main entrance so positive energy flows freely into your home
  2. Declutter each room, then clean top to bottom
  3. Use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep in harmony with the environment
  4. Clean regularly; deep-clean at least once a year
  5. Perform a house blessing to increase positive energy throughout your home

What is negative energy?

In Feng Shui, negative energy attaches to anything that drains your mental, emotional or physical energy. Clutter as well as dirt, dust and grime are primary examples. Few people feel joyous or content living in dingy, cluttered surroundings. And often their health suffers.

In China, a freshly scoured and decluttered home still invites good luck and blessings to fill the empty space. The Chinese sweep bad luck and evil spirits from their homes prior to Lunar New Year. They invite fresh energy and good luck into their houses to mark the end of winter and hail new beginnings of spring.

Western Feng Shui doesn’t associate clutter and dirt with bad luck or evil spirits. Nevertheless, decluttering and spring cleaning eliminate negative energy and have an uplifting effect on us. A clean, decluttered home greatly raises our spirits. We feel the exhilarating promise of a fresh new start.

Follow these five steps to clear negative energy from your home

1: Clean the main entrance so positive energy flows freely into your home

Life energy (known as chí) enters your home through your main entrance, even if you normally use a different door to enter your house.  

  • Power-wash the porch and polish the door clean
  • Oil squeaky door hinges
  • Fix loose door handles, mend tricky locks and repair sticking doors
  • Remove objects that keep the door from opening fully
  • Repeat this process for all other entrances into your home

Once your entrances are cleared of dirt and grime, positive energy can flow in to refresh your home. Now it’s time to work with the rest of the house.

2: Declutter each room, then clean top to bottom

Cleaning and decluttering are separate pillars of Feng Shui so don’t do them together or you’ll go in circles. Both principles remove different types of negative energy and create a path for positive energy to flow through your home. Declutter all surfaces to remove barriers. Then clean the room top to bottom to get rid of decaying organic matter. For detailed cluttering insights, check out Stop Out of Control Clutter with Feng Shui

3: Use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep in harmony with the environment

Heavy-duty, chemical cleansers are at odds with Feng Shui’s premise of living in harmony with the environment. Avoid them when you can; use sparingly if you must.

Visit Eco Sparkle and Vice for advice on make-it-yourself cleaning solutions and sources of eco-friendly products. Houzz also offers excellent cleaning solutions plus tips on how to disinfect surfaces.

4: Deep clean at least once a year

Regular cleaning and decluttering keep negative energy in check. But deep cleaning once or twice a year has a powerful impact. The goal is to remove negative energy from places you may see but barely notice. These places still hold negative energy.

Some examples to pay attention to

  • Grimy corners
  • Dusty baseboards
  • Sticky or stained cabinet shelves
  • Under sofa and chair cushions
  • Behind and under appliances
  • Drapery and upholstered fabric

Positive energy flows freely after a deep cleaning. Your home and your spirits instantly lift even though the changes may be subtle.

5. Perform a house blessing to increase positive energy throughout your home

You’ll find a variety of classic Asian-style house blessings to bring peace and calm to your home. Many of these rituals include the rice blessing, the orange peel blessing, and many other exotic ceremonies. If ancient rituals appeal to you, I encourage you to follow your heart and use them.

However, for modern Western cultures, a simple house blessing may feel more authentic and meaningful.

A Western-style Feng Shui blessing to attract positive energy

The following is a simple house blessing you can use as-is or adapt to your liking. Conduct this blessing when the house is quiet and only you, or you and participating family members, perform the ritual. You’ll need

  • Prayer of gratitude and a short mantra to gives thanks
  • Little bell or chime
  • Sage smudge stick

Begin outside on your porch, facing your front door.

  1. Breathe deeply, relax and center yourself.
  2. Tap the bell or chime.
  3. Now thank your home for providing shelter, for being a welcoming place and a refuge of safety and security for you and your family.

Step inside and perform the following steps in each room in succession

  1. Tap the bell or chime to gently to fill the space with a light vibration
  2. Thank the room for its specific contribution to your comfort and happiness
  3. End with: May this room be filled with joyful thoughts and positive energy. All is well in this space.
  4. Continue until all rooms have been blessed

Finish the blessing ritual by smudging your home with sage. Sage is said to have healing and purification properties that clear negative emotions and create positive energy. A family member can smudge rooms as part of the above steps. But if you’re working alone, smudge your home last.

Julie Britt

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