Energy Vampire

#15 Clutter

How I got rid of 15# of stored clutter in less than a minute

By Julie Britt / July 16, 2020 /

Above is a 15-lb bag of old CDs and DVDs that friends and family had burned for me many years ago. Why was I storing them? I’d already tossed a broken CD player so the CDs were useless. Nevertheless, I’d stored them in this bag because the sweet and guilty feelings they evoked stopped me…

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Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Improve kitchen Feng Shui two ways

By Julie Britt / May 31, 2020 /

In this video, learn how I improved Feng Shui in my kitchen. Energy vampires cause micro frustrations that disrupt Feng Shui’s calm energy flow. See how undershelf baskets prevented items from piling on top of one another but also created an energy vampire that had to be corrected.

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energy vampire

Slay your energy vampires

By Julie Britt / January 19, 2019 /

Energy vampires are sneaky, energy-sucking critters that rob our lives of calm. They inflict micro-cuts so small we may not realize how big an impact they collectively make! Reminders of something we want to do sometime are a major source of paper clutter, which causes stress and frustration. Here’s how to get reminders under control and…

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