Mini-Lesson: Balance Earth Element

How to balance too much Earth Element in your life

The solid Earth Element turns from placid to oppressive when its symbols dominate the environment.

Earth Element symbols include squares, rectangles, blocks, long horizontal lines and heavy objects. Colors are gray, tan and beige colors.

Earth Element buildings

At its best, Earth Element signals trustworthiness, peace and serenity. At its worst, Earth signals stubbornness, utilitarianism, stoginess and heaviness. Earth can make you feel sad, stuck and listless.

Earth element feels playful and balanced
Plants soften earth element

Bright colors allow Earth Element to lighten up and become more playful and uplifting.

Wood Element, in particular, has the most power to keep Earth in check according to the cycle of Elements. So introduce Wood symbols first if you need to control Earth.

Wood symbols include

  • Plants
  • Green color
  • Strong vertical lines
  • Soft and cushy bedding or upholstery
  • Botanical-motif prints, paintings and artwork

The examples at left feature buildings as good Earth examples. But Earth symbols also exist in your home, in your office, in your life. If you feel stuck or oppressed, you may have an overabundance of Earth in your environment.

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