the key to feng shui success

Nearly everyone wants to start with a specific Feng Shui cure to attract love, abundance, a relationship, etc. That’s understandable. 

But to skip over Feng Shui’s #1 rule – to first clean and declutter – is a major mistake.

Decluttering clears space for success and happiness to occur. Without making space for change, other Feng Shui cures like buying candles, roses and lucky bamboo work poorly, if at all.

Decluttering forces us to release old thoughts and barriers from our psyche as we consider what’s no longer meaningful to our life. Long-standing clutter may hold hidden truths that need attention, or it may surprise us by revealing hidden treasures.

When we clear physical clutter, we create mental and emotional space for positive change to happen.

Clutter and chaos

Clutter and chaos were a fixture in my childhood and maybe yours, too. Peace and calm were rare in a house with 10 kids. Our house looked  “lived in” except after an all-day marathon clean-up OR when company was coming. I clearly recall the calm, upbeat feeling we had when the house was sparkling – even if it didn’t last long.

Life in my mid-20s was similarly chaotic. I’d moved 900 miles away to New Orleans and was living on my own. Keeping a clean house was the last thing on my mind. My ad agency job kept me running 24/7. I lived on adrenaline and excitement but also battled anxiety and fear. 

Any Feng Shui expert could have guessed my difficulties by observing my surroundings. That’s because we unconsciously project our inner life onto our environment. And translating the environment is the heart of Feng Shui.

Turning point

My life improved when I started dating a put-together guy whose place was old, quirky, comfortable, neat and orderly. I loved everything about it and him. Both had a calm, easygoing and genuinely authentic vibe where I felt relaxed and happy. Things went smoothly until we moved in together. 

“I had NO IDEA you were this messy!” he shouted at me a few days later. “Your place was always neat when I came over!”
 I was dumbfounded. All I could say was, “But I always knew when you were coming over!”

It never occurred to me his place was always neat. I had no idea clutter and chaos weren’t everybody’s norm. For the first time ever I saw the possible connection between neatness and calm.

My semi-great decluttering plan

I came up with what I thought was a workable plan for myself. I stuffed my clutter out of sight so the apartment always looked as if company were coming. Problem solved! On the outside at least, I felt happier and less frazzled. But my insides missed the message. Like clutter, my anxiety and fear lived out of sight.

Over time, I became neater and more mindful. Not everything got stuffed into closets, boxes or drawers. Without knowing how or why, I began to see and resolve long-hidden parts of my life. Everything got better and better.

You don’t have to know Feng Shui for its principles to work. When you align with Feng Shui principles, doors open and opportunities seem to pop up out of nowhere.

For the most part, resolving hidden issues was happy undertaking. But resolving some parts had unintended consequences. My relationship, so perfect and strong on the outside, proved less so at its foundation. After 18 years and a lot of work, we made the difficult decision to part. 

It was the right decision, but I struggled to find happiness, calm and peace living single again.

Finding real happiness

While still searching for answers a few years later, I stumbled upon Feng Shui. 

I didn’t know it then, but Feng Shui was about to change my life. Although I was skeptical, I committed to decluttering my entire house to see if it would work..

Decluttering wasn’t as easy as I expected. For example, I had a red metal cabinet filled with art supplies that affirmed I was a bona-fide creative person. Yet I couldn’t recall the last time I’d used those supplies. Even though getting rid of them threw me into an identity crisis, I donated everything to a local elementary school and weathered the storm.

Then I decided to get rid of everything holding memories of my previous life. Almost instantly my dining room ceiling fell in from a water leak! The entire contents of my home were to be put in a storage pod while repairs were made. 

I decided in advance only things I loved would go into the pod. My old life’s accumulation quickly went on to new homes and new lives. In retrospect, my ceiling disaster turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I ended up with a renovated home free of the past and a new chapter of my life

Fast forward

Happiness and calm now define my life. They aren’t just visitors.

When your baseline is happiness, life’s ups and downs are easier to handle. When things slide off-track (and they do, life is life), Feng Shui shows us how to make corrections and continue building the life we want.

My home is harmonious, organized, balanced and beautiful. Anxiety and fear no longer haunt me. I delight in everything I own and nothing is stuffed into boxes, drawers or closets. Decluttering has become a daily habit. I can confidently say Feng Shui’s first principle supports my life from the inside out.

Final thoughts

My experience, and that of my clients and students, is decluttering leads to lasting happiness, personal growth and positive change. Getting rid of the past may seem daunting, but you can successfully move through the process. Be assured that success and happiness await!

Should you feel stuck decluttering, don’t waste a moment wishing for help. I’m here. I’m affordable. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can definitely help and would love to work with you.

Julie Britt

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