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Balance your surroundings for long-lasting positive change

Feng Shui is the art of knowing how to balance your surroundings to bring peace and harmony to your life
Arranging furniture for flow, choosing the right colors, or mindfully decluttering are  recognized by modern science to lower stress. They strongly influence your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Feng Shui has guidelines to make positive change happen. And Modern Feng Shui offers practical solutions for modern Western thinkers.

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Feng Shui tips and tricks

#15 Clutter

How I got rid of 15# of stored clutter in less than a minute

Above is a 15-lb bag of old CDs and DVDs that friends and family had burned for me many years ago. Why was I storing them? I'd already tossed a broken CD player so the CDs were useless. Nevertheless, I'd stored them in this bag because the sweet and guilty...

Expiration dates are excellent Feng Shui declutter tools

Put expiration dates on everything to keep clutter away Clutter accumulates when we keep or store items that no longer support us. Instead, they take up space in our homes and psyches. Expiration dates help us recognize when we need to let go of outworn and outdated items. Clutter expiration-dates...
Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Improve kitchen Feng Shui two ways

In this video, learn how I improved Feng Shui in my kitchen. Energy vampires cause micro frustrations that disrupt Feng Shui's calm energy flow. See how undershelf baskets prevented items from piling on top of one another but also created an energy vampire that had to be corrected. https://youtu.be/uQ8eyQWG1nw
Bring Calm to your Home 500x333

5 Feng Shui tips to clear negative energy

What is the best way to clear negative energy from your home with Feng Shui? The best way to clear negative energy from your home is to eliminate its two main sources: dirt and clutter. After cleaning and decluttering, perform a simple house blessing to complete the process. Here are...

Feng Shui video answers and insights

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